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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grapefruit Juice can help you loose weight. Fact or fiction?

Everyone is looking for that miracle drink or pill that is just going to make all of those unwanted pounds just melt away. I can tell you from my experiences that there is no such pill. There are things that can help aide in weight loss and can actually shrink fat cells!

It all started with my best friend telling me she drank two containers of grapefruit juice daily and she lost like 10 pounds in two months. I thought wow that is great! I started drinking grapefruit juice too. I could not believe that I too began to notice a shrinking waist. Many argue that it does not cause you to loose weight. That you must lower your caloric intake as well. I tried this and found that I still lost weight eating what I wanted, however I did loose more eating low calore foods.

I starting drink one to two cartons of Florida's Natural pink Grapefruit juice and found thai it burned a lot of calories for me, helped me loose, made me crave sweets and sugars less and when I woke up in the morning I was starving! My stomach would growl excessively.

I am in no way trying to push a Grapefruit Juice diet. I am only passing along my "personal" experience with drinking it and loosing weight.

Below you will find the many benefits of consuming Grapfruits:

Grapefruits are great for the digestive system. They have a salicylic content which makes the fruit very valuable in aiding in the removal or dissolving of inorganic calcium that can form deposits in the joints, this happens many times with Arthritis. Grapefruits also contain Naringin, which has been shown to promote the ellimination of old red blood cells from the body which in return normalizes hematocrit levels. Another benefit of eating grapefruit or drinking its juice is that it contains a compound called galacturonic acid. This compound is only found in grapefruits and is has a therapeutic benefit in that it breaks up and dislodges the fatty plaque buildup in the arteries and carries it away.

Give Grapefruits a try today. You may not experience weight loss, however you will be drinking or eating something that is very beneficial to your health. If you do happen to loose weight and/or shrink those nasty fat cells all the better! :)

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